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Companion Care in Pittsburgh, PA

Comfort Keepers caregivers in the Pittsburgh area provide companion care to the seniors in need of a friend

Our Comfort Keepers home care agency located in Pittsburgh, PA provides all kinds of senior home care services, including companion care. This type of care seems perfect for elderly who are living alone. If your aging parent has been living on their own for a long time, you can be sure he or she would do great with some company. Furthermore, those seniors who have recently lost a spouse are definitely in need of companion care.

We will provide mom or dad with companionship, which includes everything from having meaningful conversations to helping them out with meeting new people. Our friendly, experienced caregivers will also encourage senior clients to get in touch with the friends with whom they’ve lost touch. Also, if the senior is interested, our home care providers will assist them in getting involved in a cause or try to get them interested in a new hobby.

Companion care is sure to put a smile on the face of your aging loved one. But, apart from helping them with their emotional state, companionship can also be beneficial for their physical health. Loneliness is often the cause of issues such as depression and anxiety, which can also have physical manifestations. For instance, social isolation can speed up the process of detention or make the things much worse for the patients suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease.

Other Types of Services Offered By Comfort Keepers of Pittsburgh, PA

Apart from providing the seniors with the companion care they deserve, Comfort Keepers caregivers will also take care of many other things necessary for a happy and independent life at home. For instance, we will help with light housekeeping duties, such as dusting, vacuuming, etc. Home health aides will also assist the seniors with meal preparation as well as grocery shopping.

In fact, Comfort Keepers are there to take care of all the chores your senior loved one finds tiring or simply boring. Rather than letting your aging parent spend their days taking care of the house, let professional care providers handle it. Your parent or loved one will then be able to use their time to do things they really enjoy.

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