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Home Health Care Providers Help Seniors Take Their Medications Correctly

Learn how home health care providers help Pittsburgh, PA seniors manage their medications

Managing medication can be very difficult for seniors. That’s not a surprise really, considering that the average senior takes around five different medications daily. Seniors with health challenges can take 10 more medications regularly. Simple reminders are not always enough to make sure that seniors are taking their medications correctly.

Medications need to be taken on time, but some of them also need to be taken with food or on an empty stomach. Others need to be taken together. It’s also important to keep track of any side effects seniors have from medications so that they can tell their doctors if they have a bad reaction to one medication. It can be confusing for seniors, especially those with memory issues, to manage all their medications. But if they don’t take their medications correctly the consequences can be very bad.

Home health care providers are a great resource for seniors who are taking many medications. Our Comfort Keepers caregivers are great at organizing medications, setting medication reminders, and making sure that seniors are taking the medications they need in the way that those medications should be taken.

If there is a problem with a medication, a home care aide is there to call the doctor or get emergency help for your loved one. Both you and senior family member can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that help is always there for your loved one if they need it.

Providing More Than Medication Management

A home health care provider can do more than just assist your loved one with their medications. That caregiver can also help seniors arrange safe transportation to the doctor’s office or the pharmacy. Also, a care aide can run errands for your loved one if he or she isn’t up to going out. The caregiver will make sure that the right medication is picked up at the pharmacy and ensure that your loved senior is getting refill prescriptions when needed.

If you have a loved one in Pittsburgh, PA that needs help managing their medication and taking their medications on time, call one of our senior care specialists today to find out more about how a home health care provider can help your loved one take their medications safely.



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