Alzheimer's Care in Fox Chapel, PA

Supportive Alzheimer's care for seniors needing experienced care.

Alzheimer's disease is a specific form of dementia which impacts the brain and causes memory loss, cognitive delays, poor judgement, and changes in personality. The disease impacts millions of American seniors each year with the majority of Alzheimer's cases being found in seniors over the age of 65. As the disease progresses, seniors will lose the ability to perform many basic life functions, eventually being unable to care for themselves.

Many times, when seniors are first diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, family members will agree to help with care and support. Most times, these well-intentioned and good-hearted people are unaware of the full extent of care required. This leads to increased levels of stress, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, and depression. If not dealt with quickly, these symptoms can lead to caregiver burnout, or worse.

Fox Chapel Alzheimer's Care

Professional Alzheimer's care can help family caregivers understand how their loved ones are changed by their disease. They are also able to demonstrate strategies to cope with and work through these changes. Sometimes, just having another fully-functioning adult in the home provides a refreshing change of pace, as many family caregivers can find themselves increasingly isolated, especially as the disease progresses to the later stages.

In addition to the physical care components of Alzheimer's care, professional caregivers can help make the senior's home a safer environment. While this may mean adding some things like grab bars near the toilet or in the shower, or removing rugs and cords from the walkways, it can also mean rearranging the house. For example, seniors will get to the point where they cannot climb stairs. A bedroom may need to be moved to a main floor living area. Furniture that is not stable or that cannot be easily seen should be moved out of the way. Since wandering is a major concern, doors leading outside or to the basement may need to have extra locks.

Although Alzheimer's care is predominately for the comfort and care of the senior, it can also provide numerous rewards for family caregivers. For example, Comfort Keepers caregivers provide specialized services for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. With services like this available, family caregivers can confidently take a break from their duties to take care of their own mental and physical health. Further, they have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved one is receiving top-notch care.

In short, Alzheimer's care is imperative for seniors with this form of dementia. Not every senior will require care and support at the same time or for the same purpose, but starting early has a number of great rewards for both the senior and their family caregivers. 

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